Renewable Energy Solutions

Pong Agencies Ltd. is a leading Solar contractor specializing in the design, construction, and integration of solar systems for homes, businesses, and large-scale facilities.

Fusing innovation with time-tested craftsmanship, we provide high-performance solar system repair, retrofit and installation solutions.

  • Pre-construction consulting and site evaluation

  • Solar system design, installation and commissioning

  • System monitoring and product training

  • Technical services, maintenance and repair


For both the commercial and residential user, we provide a cost effective way to reduce your property’s
energy use through the strategic use of photo-voltaic and thermal technology.
Whether it is to provide general use power or for swimming pool or water heating, solar energy is an Eco-friendly solution and our team of photo-voltaic specialists is on hand to manage every aspect of the project with the utmost quality, honesty and integrity.

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