Power generators& back up solutions


In a region known for its unstable power supply, we provide a solutions that quickly detects
the interruption to your power supply, starts up, and produces quiet clean electricity – so you
can get on with your life. It’s that simple.
Comfort, Security and convenience you can depend on with a standby Generator
We are a one-stop shop resource for fully integrated design, engineering, construction,
installation and electrical maintenance services.


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Renewable Energy Solutions

Pong Agencies Ltd. is a leading Solar contractor specializing in the design, construction, and integration of solar systems for homes, businesses, and large-scale facilities.

Fusing innovation with time-tested craftsmanship, we provide high-performance solar system repair, retrofit and installation solutions.

  • Pre-construction consulting and site evaluation

  • Solar system design, installation and commissioning

  • System monitoring and product training

  • Technical services, maintenance and repair


For both the commercial and residential user, we provide a cost effective way to reduce your property’s
energy use through the strategic use of photo-voltaic and thermal technology.
Whether it is to provide general use power or for swimming pool or water heating, solar energy is an Eco-friendly solution and our team of photo-voltaic specialists is on hand to manage every aspect of the project with the utmost quality, honesty and integrity.

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Electrical Works


We are independent electrical contractors providing electrical services for Public and Private sector.
clients in domestic, commercial, industrial and leisure markets.
We provide our clients with a total design and build package that includes first phase consultation right through to the final installation including testing and commissioning of mechanical, electrical control and or instrumentation.

Domestic Clients we offer:

  • Full House rewire
  • Extensions
  • Kitchen refurbishments
  • Bathroom installations
  • Garden electrics
  • Shower installations

For the Commercial clients, some of the services we offer include:

  • Electrical surveys including design and build construction
  • Fire alarm design and installation
  • Emergency lighting design and installations
    Design and build packages for decorative and architectural
    lighting solutions
  • HVAC installations (air conditioning)
  • Distribution board upgrades including sub-mains supplies
    Door entry systems including video
    CAD drawing facilities.

We provide a complete tailor-made electrical solution to all our commercial and retail customers;
Lighting, power, voice, data and security.



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Audio Visual systems

Audio/ Video Entry systems

We Premier in Audio Visual Systems Integration provider specializing in the design, installation and support of multimedia presentation technology, video and audio conferencing systems, and customized communication products.

A leading Network Information Systems provider,Vision offers a range of presentation and interactive communication meeting solutions. Our systems focus on the needs of each customer including high-definition projection technology, videoconferencing and telepresence for remote participation and distance learning.

We offer a range of Various Audio visual solutions


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Access control

What this gives you:

Full control of who goes where and when on your site.
Central control of all your doors and secure areas on your site.
Important high securit y areas are monitored and secured easily.
All staff movements are recorded, with detailed reporting.
Monitor your doors with site graphics and CCTV integration.
Reduce the risk of forced unauthorised entry


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CCTV surveillance

Surveillance cameras are the cornerstone of any Institution and professional security system. Pongagencies offers a wide range of CCTV security cameras; from multi-camera, all-weather options, to do-it-yourself covert video surveillance devices, there’s a solution available for you to monitor your home or office. With a CCTV setup, protect your property from vandalism and theft. CCTV security camera systems allow you to control your home surveillance from one central location via their included DVR(digital video recoders). Monitor what matters most with a video surveillance system from Pongagencies.

Storage solutions

Cabling installation

security package

From intruder alarms, and CCTV systems, to access control, and
security gates and barriers – Pong Agencies has the complete security solutions to protect your
business operations and personal property.



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Unified Communications

Communication Solutions

  • The modern business culture is completely dependent on both communication and collaboration
    at all levels throughout the corporate structure,supply chain and customer base.
    Telecommunications being our pioneer business, we have had experience in East Africa for over
    20 years.

  • Pong Agencies provides IP enabled PBX systems, which have been developed to meet the
    technical and corporate needs of today’s ever changing business demands. Our IP enabled PBX
    systems will provide effective collaboration, improved personal efficiency, mobile technology
    integration and enhanced customer interaction.


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Networking/Structured cabling solutions


Whether for LAN or data center, fiber or copper, factory terminated or field terminated, interconnection or fire protection, we can maximize your enterprise infrastructure with high performance, cost effective, customization solutions that are easy to install and use.

  • The Giganet Smart Cabling System

    The Giganet Smart Cabling System has an exceptionally wide array of products and solutions
    for copper networks, covering all LAN cabling requirements including Category 6A,
    Category 6 and enhanced Category 5e as well as a set of advanced Fiber Optic products.

  • SIEMON Network Cabling Solutions

    As a leading specialist in the manufacture and innovation of high quality, high-performance
    network cabling solutions, the SIEMON Network Cabling Solutions offer the most
    comprehensive suite of copper as well as multi-mode and single-mode fiber cabling systems.

  • Digilink

    For those looking for an affordable yet strong Network, Digilink by Schneider electric
    is the perfect solution.

  • Cisco solutions

    When redundancy is optional, scalability, QoS and ease of operation are priorities choose
    the CISCO range of switches and routers.

    Resilience, all-round redundancy, QoS and next generation speeds up to 10Gbps are what
    you’ll get from Avaya routing and switching solutions.



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